Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where do I put all this?!

I have a slight problem.

That's my comic book and graphic novel collection RAPIDLY OUTGROWING the space I have (and I've somehow lost the magazine holder labelled Artifacts/Anthologies). I know that the traditional storage solution is to get a bunch of longboxes but I don't know where you buy longboxes from, let alone where I'd put them if I found some!

Any suggestions? Apart from waiting and buying trades of everything... I'm pretty much only managing to do that with Chew and Buffy at the moment and it's soooo haaaard... and now there's a buttload of other trades I want. First world problems, anyone?


  1. Argh I'm having this problem too, only my problem is compounded because I'm awful and have only read 1/4 of what I've bought! :(

  2. (Yeah, so obviously I'm no help XD half my stuff is in the bookcase and half of it is on the floor)

  3. You can buy longboxes at Quality Comics (I'm pretty sure). Or you could get something like this (though you'd probably have to take the clips out):

    Still a matter of where to put them though, haha.

  4. my goal is to have this problem. its a work in progress. i see you have deadpool and kill Shakespeare thus for i will trust your opinion , any suggestions on what i pick up next?