Sunday, July 3, 2011

30 day comic book challenge! Days 1-4

I just found this super-awesome challenge and have decided to DO EEEET. Since it's already the 3rd of July for me here, I'm going to condense days 1-4 into this post. I'm also going to talk about webcomics since they're a huge part of my comic reading life. I've included links to all the webcomics I talk about, but please note that NONE of them are safe for work ;)

Day 01 - Your first comic book.
I can blame thank Joss Whedon for a lot of things, and one of them is getting me into comic books.

My first webcomic... gosh. It was either YU+ME: dream or Dar. I'm not quite sure. Both comics are sadly completed, but both creators are working on new webcomics :)

Day 02 - Your favourite character.
My favourite comic book character of the moment is probably Jessie from Changing Ways. I am haaaanging out for volume 2 because it's 10 years into the future and I'm sure Jessie's badass as a grown-up.

My current favourite webcomic character is probably Didi from Menage a 3. She's adorable and funny and I love the way she speaks, half-French and half-English.

Day 03 - A comic that is underrated.
Hmm... probably SugarShock by Joss Whedon (yeah, I know). It's this fantastic little one-shot which I'd love to see expanded upon. The characters were so complex, I want to know backstory, dammit.

Webcomics I'm not too sure about, but I'm in freaking love with Khaos Komix. It's a heartbreakingly beautiful  story about a group of teens navigating the waters of self-identity and sexuality. Really lovely art, and the way that Tabs tells the story is intriguing.

Day 04 - Your guilty pleasure comic or character.
Webcomic is undoubtedly Sore Thumbs. It's completely ridiculous and a little bit everything-ist but it's so over-the-top you cannot help but laugh, even whilst thinking "Why the hell am I still reading this?!"

Comics proper? Oh, geez. This is a hard one! I don't reeeeally have anything I feel 'guilty' about... if anything, I dislike how shallow Deadpool is portrayed in a lot of comics, but he does it in a humorous way, so it's almost making fun of the way in which most comic art treats female characters as eye-candy only. Deadpool: Pulp was a really beautiful story in which there was a female character who equalled Deadpool. And Lady Deadpool is scary and awesome. So I didn't really answer that question, but oh well!

Next post will be days 5-7. I'm going on yet anoooooother work trip, but I'm taking my shiny new laptop with me. Hopefully a few hours by myself in airports and hotel rooms means I'll get some writing done, for the blogs and for my project. Then again, I did just download Hydrophobia: Prophecy, so maybe I won't....


  1. Bleurgh this reminded me about how many comics (specifically trades) sitting in my room unread D: I need to get into webcomics, the only one I've even contemplated reading is Freakangels and idk if that even counts since it gets collected as a trade. *is a n00b*

  2. I love when webcomics have books! So far I haven't bought any since they all have ridic shipping to Australia.

    I read my trades ASAP :) it's the single issues I tend to forget about!